Wednesday, September 26, 2012

0 Maxi Skirt /Blazer Fitting, Me love this, I urge you to start thinking of this look Darlings

I loved the whole idea of fixing the Zebra Striped Max Skirt with thebright colour pink, it is such a good blend.   you get three colours at once but very well matched. Ts high time we get to learn how to go about three four colour and still hot hot.
I loved this Kourtney Kardashian Inspirational look, The brown colour just matched and aded great tast to the look.  If you have noticed the Accessories are so cool but can speak for themselves,
                                                                                       Celebrity Rock Alike
Tangerine, Cream, Nudish Colour, Black, OMG im dying for this look, And this is winter dolls, how sexy. Its all about Maxy Skirts.
Maxi Skirt, Wedges Me Look, Can't Wait to rock mine from Flexy Collections Stock
                                                 Kim Rocking her Maxi Skirt,How lovely.


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