Thursday, September 6, 2012

0 Wondering what to wear at Work Tommorow? How can you keep it simple but proffessional?

Are you Among the people that do like this when your looking for what to wear to work?

Let us feature Mwamvita Makamba's Proffessional looks.
i Like how she added pearls to the suit

You can take it sexy but still remain Proffessional

                  Take a look at afew selections that i have for a Professional sexy set
         Are you a plus size person? Who told you, you can't rock it sexy.... NOT Anymore doll

                                      Look at how people can keep it so simple but on point.
Don't stress so much about how to rock at work, keep it simple but smart. all in all you dont need to have alot of cloths to be the best dressed at work, you can have afew cloths u=but still look super smart if you can just know how to go about it with different looks.

I also learnt that there is a huge secret in the accessories we use, you can brighten your simplest attire with a perfect Accessory and look extra perfect
i finish by say looking gud is not being expensive other that its being smart and on point that makes you look expensive and mwaaah.

Have a good day darlings and stay tuned for more.


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