Sunday, September 23, 2012

0 More of the Stock soo much available just thought of posting afew

                                 Another Part of us,This is how we do Blazers were needed
                        Get this Blazer at Only 18,000 Oh myyyyyyy gess shud buy this
                                    Maxi Skirt
                                       Scarf Printed  Top for the big sized at only 12,000
                                                     The same View while sited
                                                    Floral Printed Shirt at only 10,000
                                            These and more available at 15,000 and 18,000
                                                   Charanga Skirt Available, Rock Like Us
                                                       Gracella Rocking Flexy Collecs

                            Both Skirt and Blouse Available at Flexy Collections at only 10,000 Each
                                                    Rock like VB Similar Top Available at only 10,000

We also have Red Blazer, white and many Floral and Scarf Prints for huge Sized people.

Skirts as well , so much in stock.

Love you all.

Gracella G.


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