Sunday, September 23, 2012

0 Sneek Peeps of My Current Stock,Get yours Now

Hey Guyz, honestly ts been so hard for me to post everything to you but anyway no offence thought should give you peeps of my collection.
Note: These pic are strictly for showing you the cloths so don't mind the Model or whatever.

All Blzers Range between 15,000 AND 18,000
Skirts are 10,000
Tops 8,000 - 12,000
Dresses are 10,000
I have a lot of skirts and Tops for big and medium sized people so worry nat.
Cheapest Stock Everrrrrr Watch dis
For more details call 0788 378384
                             This is only 15,000 and much more big sized blazers
                                                 Get the yellowish Blazer at Only 18,000
                                                 Maxi Skirt Free Size at Only 10,000
                                                Hoooot Blazer at only 18,000
                                       Shruug sort of like (kitupio) at only 15,0000
                                                          Maxi skirt at only 10,000
                                                           Polk Dot Skirt 10,000
                                                         Blazer at 15,000
                                                       I love this 18,000
                                              Cream Blazer of type at only 15,000

                                         Looooove this in real sence 18,000 only


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